Our Supporters

This page is a Shout Out to some amazing people who have heard what we are doing and reached out to offer help. I am so grateful for their generosity as each piece of fabric, ball of yarn or button donated to Little Helpers means a lot more money for our charities.

Workmates and Friends


Sometimes we become very lucky and our workmates become our dear friends. I have one of those extra special friends and sometimes at work, we take a break and drive to Ribbon Rose. My amazing friend chooses the most beautiful fabrics and donates them to Little Helpers. These Little Helpers dresses provide a nice big charity donation when they are sold. Thank you, Rob. You are very much appreciated.

Sold – “La Vie Boheme” provided a donation of $20 for Cure Kids
Sold – “Forest Friends” provided a donation of $21 for Pet Refuge
Sold – “Teapots” provided a donation of $23 for Cure Kids

The gorgeous cotton lawn fabric below needs to be touched and caressed, to be believed. It is the softest of soft and I can’t wait to see how beautifully our Little Helpers dresses will drape using this fabric. Thank you Rob for your latest fabric donation to Little Helpers.

Available – “Gabrielle” size 5 years (Donation $30.85)
Waiting to be made up into a Little Helpers dress


I met Helen at Parnell Market and since then she has become a friend and a regular customer. Helen donated some beautiful fabric to Little Helpers and when these Little Helpers dresses were sold, a nice big donation was given to our charities.

Sold – “Henny” provided a donation of $20.30 for Pet Refuge
Sold – “Henny2” provided a donation of $26.00 for Pet Refuge


I bought some fabric from Trade Me and shared with Robyn what her fabric was going to be used for. When I received my Trade Me parcel, this beautiful note was in the parcel along with extra fabric with compliments from Robyn.

Gayle at Creative Yarns & Knits

I was searching online for a particular cotton yarn that I love, Cheope yarn, which has gorgeous vibrant colours that I needed for some of my beautiful fabrics I had stashed away for future Little Helpers Dresses.

That is when I found Creative Yarn & Knits, who has many of my favourite yarns available.

A few days after sharing with Gayle at Creative Yarns & Knits what we are doing at Little Helpers, I received with compliments, some beautiful fabrics with matching cotton yarn to make baby size dresses. The full price ($25) for each of the Little Helpers Dresses made from Gayle’s materials will be fully donated to one of our charities. Thank you so much, Gayle. Your generosity will provide some nice big donations from our Little Helpers Dresses. Some of Gayle’s fabrics below.

Sold – “Little Doggies” provided a donation of $25 for Pet Refuge.
Sold – “Painted Eggs” provided a donation of $25 for Pet Refuge.
Donated to Barnados children charity

Lisa at FibreSpace

I love working with Bio Sesia 100% cotton yarn but if I pay full price for the yarn, it doesn’t leave much profit to donate to charity since I like to keep the price of the dresses down to remain affordable for most people.

I was lucky enough to find the yarn on special at FibreSpace so bought a soft gold and a gorgeous green

After sharing our Little Helpers story, Lisa from FibreSpace in Tauranga, New Zealand wanted to help and these very pretty buttons arrived in our mailbox with compliments from FibreSpace. Thank you Lisa for your support.

Lisa also does amazing work in the Tauranga community running a crafting charity where their items that they make are donated via community organisations.  (6637 items this past year!)  Their Facebook page is Community Support & Crafting Collective BOP

Available – “Rainbows and Flowers” size 18-24 months (Donation $15.90)
Available – “Crazy Rainbows” size 4 years (Donation $18.65)

Fran at Wild & Woolly Yarns

While searching online I found that Wild & Wooly Yarns (Milford, Auckland) had a half price sale on some fabulous cotton yarn with a mix of 15% cashmere. So of course I bought some for future Little Helpers Dresses.

We shared with Fran what we are doing at Little Helpers and like Gayle below, a few days later 5 more beautiful balls of this cashmere yarn arrived in my mailbox with compliments from Wild & Woolly yarns.

Thank you Fran, your generosity is amazing!