Little Helpers


This page is a Shout Out to some amazing people who have heard about what we are doing and reached out to offer help. I am so grateful for their generosity as each piece of fabric and ball of yarn donated to Little Helpers means a lot more money for our charities.

Fran at Wild & Woolly Yarns

Little Helpers is always looking for materials (fabrics and yarns) at sale price so that the profit (and therefore donation) for each Little Helpers Dress is as big as it can possibly be.

While searching online I found that Wild & Wooly Yarns (Milford, Auckland) had a half price sale on some fabulous cotton yarn with a mix of 15% cashmere. So of course I bought some for future Little Helpers Dresses.

We shared with Fran what we are doing at Little Helpers and like Gayle below, a few days later 5 more beautiful balls of this cashmere yarn arrived in my mailbox with compliments from Wild & Woolly yarns.

We are currently preparing a new Little Helpers range called TurtleBee. The Little Helpers TurtleBee dresses will be a little more expensive than our Classic (and Christmas) ranges but will give us the freedom to select more expensive yarns and fabrics to provide flexibility within our ranges. See below some examples we have ready to go for our gorgeous cashmere yarn.

Thank you Fran, your generosity is amazing!

Gayle at Creative Yarns & Knits

I was searching online for a particular cotton yarn that I love working with. Cheope yarn has gorgeous vibrant colours that I knew would go beautifully with some of the fabrics I have for future Little Helpers Dresses. I found the yarn at Creative Yarn & Knits and was lucky enough to buy the gorgeous blue and pink.

When Gayle heard about what we are doing at Little Helpers, a few days later this is what I received in the mail, compliments from Gayle and Creative Yarns & Knits. Each of the fabrics and yarns below will make a 3 -6 months size Little Helpers Dress and will provide the full donation of $20 each to one of our charities. Thank you so much! (And now I have a new favourite cotton to work with. The Cotton Classic knits up beautifully as you can see from Little Doggies completed below)